Posing in Ward Jackson Park in Hartlepool is Alan Jacques, Sandy Beach, Alan Bowles, Trisha Jacques and Jim Sculley.

On stage and having a good time - Whiskey Mack at the beginning was Alan Jacques on guitar, Sandy Beach on vocals, Jim Sculley on guitar, Alan Bowles on drums, Trisha Jacques on vocals and Terry Bradley the bass player at this time.

On stage again is Alan Jacques, Sandy Beach, high at the back, Jim Sculley, Alan Bowles seated on the floor, Trisha Jacques and Terry Bradley.

A happy crowd near the duck pond in Ward Jackson Park again is Jim Sculley, Sandy Beach, Trisha Jacques, Alan Bowles and Alan Jacques.

Near the fountain in Ward Jackson Park is Jim Sculley, Trisha Jacques, Alan Bowles with Sandy Beach and Alan Jacques at the front.

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