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You can search this site with Google. It has been set up in such a way that you can search for anything at all you are looking for on this website. For example, do you need to find a particular country music star? Maybe a band from Hartlepool or Teesside who played the club scene in the sixties? Something you might need to find in Hartlepool perhaps? Just type it in the search box on this page and you should have satisfactory results.


A simple question: would you write your friends' phone numbers on the walls of public places?

If you answer no, then why would you share their private E-mail addresses with a group of strangers, many of whom will CARELESSLY forward the same addresses to even more strangers?

Please don't do it! Instead, follow this link and use the BCC feature of your E-mail programme.

The Hartlepool Monkey, conducting a Google search, was created and supplied by Dave Sutton graphics and free 3D animated gifs for web sites.

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