I get to meet the Man in Black, Johnny Cash, at the Royal Garden Hotel, Kensington, in London, 1968. Photograph © Billy Crallan.

With Buck Owens in Liverpool in 1966. Buck is reading a copy of the English country music magazine "Opry" which later changed its name to "Country Music People." Notice Loretta Lynn on the back cover! I am on the extreme right but I have no idea who the other gentleman are, do you?

Buck Owens

Another treasured photograph of Buck Owens in Liverpool 1966. The gentleman in the centre of the photograph is fan John Gregory from Tyneside, with me on the right.

This photograph was taken in December, 2001, at Newcastle Opera House with a man I have admired for many years – John Prine. I flew all the way from Spain, suffering with a real bad cold at the time, just to see him in concert. It was worth every peseta. John was on stage for 140 minutes and spoke to all the people who stayed back to meet him. He chatted freely, posed for photographs and signed autographs. He even said he had read about my pending visit on his website! Photograph by Gary Smurthwaite.

Moe Bandy discusses his song "It's A Cheatin' Situation."

Joe Stampley is very happy with his award.

Larry Gatlin said he had not spoken to many English radio people. Moe Bandy, Joe Stampley and Larry Gatlin were photographed backstage at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Tennessee, October 1980. This was the year that Moe Bandy and Joe Stampley were voted "Vocal Duo of the Year" by the Country Music Association.

With the guitar chief, Chet Atkins, in Middlesbrough, England. Photograph by Tommy Loftus.

With country music star Charley Pride. This was taken at the BBC Radio 2 "Country Club" Studios in London. Photograph by Tommy Loftus.

More good memories of my visit to Nashville, Tennessee in 1974 with Ed Bruce, Patsy Bruce and agent Gus Barba at the Biltmore Hotel on Franklin Road. Photograph by Shay Brogan.

Celebrations for the late Carmol Taylor at a birthday bash at his Music Row office in Nashville, Tennessee in September, 1982. Photograph by Jay Diamond.

Carmol, Sonny Wright and me in a party mood after a few drinks - well, certainly Carmol and and I were! Photograph by Jay Diamond.

This photograph was taken at the Acklam Hotel, Newport Road, in Middlesbrough. It shows Tony Jackson of the Shotgun Duo, Eric White, Stan Laundon, the other band member of the Shotgun Duo - but we don't know his name - Sye Maddison, Steve Young and Art Marshall. Bob Allison is at the very top of the photograph and Peter John Bergg, ex-Radio Tees country disc jockey, is at the bottom.

Relaxing with Connie Smith in Glasgow, Scotland, in 1973 on the Faron Young Tour. I believe that Connie has one of the greatest female voices in country music.

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