The Trakkers very first line up with Billy Crallan, Johnny Swales, John Sanderson, Stan Laundon and Alan Lindridge. The photograph was taken at the Dalton Rooms, Dalton Street in West Hartlepool. The Trakkers, from West Hartlepool, were originally formed by Alan Lindridge in 1959/60. The first line up had Billy Crallan on lead guitar, Johnny Swales on rhythm, John Sanderson on drums, Stan Laundon playing bass on a six-string guitar with Alan Lindridge on vocals and guitar. The band underwent one or two personnel changes over the years with Charlie McKie coming in as main vocalist.

The Trakkers underwent several personnel changes over the years. This photograph, taken at Hartlepool Town Hall in November 1961, shows Stan Laundon (bass guitar), Billy Crallan (lead guitar), Les Marine (drums), Charlie McKie (vocals) with Alan Lindridge (rhythm guitar).

This photograph was also taken at the Dalton Rooms, Dalton Street in West Hartlepool. The guitar Stan is using is a 1959 Antoria and he says "I do wish I still had it today".

The Trakkers on stage in Hartlepool Town Hall with Charlie McKie - who used the stage name of Lance - Les Marine, Stan Laundon, Alan Lindridge and Billy Crallan.

Les, Stan, Alan, Charlie and Billy on stage at Hartlepool Town Hall.

Fooling around with Billy Crallan, Charlie McKie, Alan Lindridge (seated) Les Marine and Stan Laundon.

Alan Lindridge on stage in West Hartlepool Town Hall during November 1961.

After The Trakkers

Stan just after The Trakkers and taken in Snaresbrook, London, during the mid-1960s with a Hagström guitar.

Life after The Trakkers - Stan Laundon and Billy Crallan at the Palace Hotel, Mainsforth Terrace, Hartlepool at a country music venue about 1967.

Stan Laundon and Billy Crallan some years later in Carlisle with two guitars from Billy's impressive collection - a Fender Telecaster and Gibson J45.

Meeting again after almost 46 years - two former members of the Trakkers - Alan Lindridge & Stan Laundon taken on September 10, 2007. Photograph © Linda Lindridge.

Three former members of The Trakkers - Alan Lindridge, Charlie "Lance" McKie and Stan Laundon - met at Jackson's Wharf, in Hartlepool on June 15th, 2008 to reminisce about old times. Stan and Alan had not seen Charlie since 1962 when the band broke up - but despite the passage of time, they recognised each other immediately.

Also taken at Jackson's Wharf on June 15th, 2008 - Alan Lindridge, Charlie McKie, Stan Laundon and Ron Blair.


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