The Reaction at the Steelworks Club in Hartlepool with Jimmy Fawcett on drums, Kenny Allen on guitar, Margaret Burgen, Neil Thubron, George Hart, Moira Forcer, Olive Hart and Barry McGurk.

This early photograph of Reaction was sent to us by Barry McGurk. He thinks it was their first gig at the Steelworks Club in Hartlepool about 1965. It shows Jimmy Fawcett on drums, Kenny Allen on white Fender Telecaster, George Hart is at the back with Barry McGurk on the Hofner violin bass and the young ladies at the front are Margaret Burgen and Moira Forcer.

Jimmy Fawcett, Margaret Burgen, Moira Forcer, George Hart, Kenny Allen and Barry McGurk.

Jimmy Fawcett, Neil Thubron, Kenny Allen, Barry McGurk and George Hart.

Another from the archives dating back to about 1968 - the Reaction Showgroup with George Hart, Neil Thubron, Jimmy Fawcett and Eddie Saul. Olive Hart (now Olive Bage) who sent us this photograph, is standing in Neil's hand.

The photograph without Olive standing in Neil's hand - with Neil, George, Jimmy and Ed.

The Reaction Show Group this time inlude, from left to right, Neil Thubron, Jimmy Fawcett, Bob Mordy and George Hart. The two girls are Moira Forcer and Olive Hart.

Another publicity image of The Reaction Show Goup with Neil, Olive, Moira and Jimmy on the top row with George and Bob kneeling with guitars in hand.

Thanks to Olive Bage, Jimmy Fawcett, Alan Lindridge and Barry McGurk for their photographic contributions to this page.

This page is dedicated to the memory of Kenny Allen, George Hart, Kevin Irish and Jimmy Fawcett.

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