The Hartbeats at the Maison de Dance in Stockton, with the master of ceremonies the late and great Jack Marwood. With Jack are George Hart Senior, Roly Thompson, John Rogan and George Hart. John Hart is in the background at the drum kit. Jack Marwood was, of course, leader of Jack Marwood & his Orchestra. He was a great musician and liked by all the groups who worked for him. The Maison de Dance compere, Terry Hoey, is at the back next to John Hart on drums. Underneath the stage at the Maison de Dance, we are told, was a cellar trap door with a passage leading to the old Empire building on the site of the old Stockton Castle.

A very rare photograph of The Hartbeats taken by Marg Dickinson at Easington Welfare Hall on April 30th, 1962 and used with thanks. It shows John Hart on drums, Roly Thompson on rhythm guitar, George Hart on lead, Brian Gibson on vocals with John Rogan on bass.

George Hart with a Fender Stratocaster in 1960 and, on the right, with a Telecaster taken in Tunisia sometime during the early 1970's.

John Hart on drums and, on the right, a photograph which dates back to 1963 and was taken after The Hartbeats won a band competition. Geoffrey Alder who is playing the white Stratocaster says, "I remember one of the other bands was The Haft'a Darkks. Two of the band members were brothers called Alec and Brian Weegram I believe?" Other Haft'a Darkks members included Pete Maunder on rhythm guitar and Billy Collier on lead. The photograph shows Geoffrey Alder with the Stratocaster, Roly Thompson with the Gibson guitar, Peter Trundley on Gibson bass, Harry Bilton – the lead vocalist and holding the trophies - and John Hart on drums. Geoffrey Alder replaced George Hart as lead guitarist and John Hart is George's brother. Peter Trundley took over on bass guitar after John Rogan left the band to join Adam Faith and The Roulettes.

The Hartbeats outside the Catcote Hotel - Geoff, Peter, Harry, John and Roly.

The Hartbeats at Hartlepool Community Centre in 1963.

The Hartbeats in John Hart's front room in 1963. The LP they are looking at is "Joe Brown - Live" which was recorded at the Globe Theatre, in Stockton during 1962/63.

The Hartbeats perform at a local dance.

This photograph, from 1965, shows John Hart, George Hart and Derek Allen at the back with Roly Thompson and Ken Officer in the front.

Another rare photograph from 1965 which shows John Hart, Brian Officer, Ken Officer and Roly Thompson.

Two photographs of John and George Hart at the Causeway, in Hartlepool, October 2006. Photographs © Stan Laundon.

George and brother John enjoying a drink at a Blues Club Night in The Causeway, Hartlepool in October, 2006.

George Hart, who was the founder member and lead guitarist of the 60's Hartlepool band The Hartbeats, passed way during the early hours of May 27th, 2008 after suffering from cancer. He was 64. He started his musical career at the age of ten when he studied keyboards. At 15 he opted to play guitar and, along with his brother John, founded The Hartbeats. In later years he also played with The Plainsmen, The Reaction Show Group, Two of Hearts, The Harts Showgroup and The Hart Family who won the ITV television show "New Faces" in 1974.

George Hart taken at Hartlepool Cricket Club in June, 2004. Photograph © Stan Laundon.

Nothing to do with The Hartbeats directly, but two photographs of George at The Causeway in Hartlepool dating back to 2006. Photographs © Stan Laundon.

How nice it is, too, to see George and The Hartbeats mentioned in a 1965 video from North East Film Archive which was filmed at The Queen public house in Easington Road. It's a commercial for Vaux beer and well worth a look.

This page is dedicated to the memory of George Hart who died on May 27th, 2008 after suffering from cancer - he was 64. Also to Peter Trundley who passed away on January 17th, 2021 aged 74.

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