On November 22nd 1963 The Beatles appeared at The Globe Theatre in Stockton - the same day that President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas Texas. It was reported that John Lennon, on hearing the news, asked if the show should still go ahead? Image what would have happened if they hadn't taken to the stage that night. During their appearance in Stockton The Beatles were supported by The Brook Brothers, Peter Jay & The Jaywalkers, The Vernons Girls, The Rhythm and Blues Quartet and The Kestrels with Canada's Frank Berry as compere.

This page is not just about the concert but also includes a few items, from more than 50 years ago, that were featured in The Beatles programme - and those talented stars who supported them that night.

The inside pages of the programme from that night. They were looking a little worse for wear but we have cleaned them up and how many collector's would love to have this in their hands? Arthur Howes by arrangement with Brian Epstein presents The Beatles Show. On the right hand side is the cast which was listed inside the programme - with The Rhythm and Blues Quartet, The Vernons Girls, Frank Berry, The Brook Brothers, Peter Jay & The Jaywalkers, The Kestrels and, of course, The Beatles. An interesting note came to us from Brian Swales about one of the support acts on this show - The Rhythm and Blues Quartet - went on to be The Spencer Davis Group.

A photograph of The Beatles which was featured inside the programme.

Also inside the official programme was an advertisement from Parlophone Records to remind you of The Beatles' latest product - the albums "Please, Please Me" and "With The Beatles" which were on sale.

The magazine Pop Weekly dated November 30th, 1963 - the same month that The Beatles appeared at The Globe theatre.

A very rare photograph of the 'Fab Four' taken in 1962 by John Sandals from Newton-le-Willows and used on this page with thanks. It is also well known fact that The Beatles appeared at The Astoria, in Middlesbrough, on Tuesday, June 25th, 1963 with local band The Johnny Taylor 5 in supporting role. The Beatles made two appearances at The Globe - on Friday, November 22nd, 1963 and again on October 15th in 1964. There is more to read more about this show in 1964 on The Beatles Bible website.

The Eden Arms at Rushyford. Research has shown that The Beatles stayed here between November 22nd and 24th in 1963. It has been stated that The Beatles stayed at the Queen's Hotel in Stockton and also that they stayed at Crathorne Hall - even though it wasn’t even a hotel in 1963! Neither is correct as the Christie's document in the right hand column confirms. Photograph © Stan Laundon.

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