Because of the growing number of photographs we have of Hartlepool and West Hartlepool on our HISTORY page we have decided to make a new page with postcards and images of Seaton Carew - do enjoy them!

This wonderful "Greetings from Seaton Carew" mural was painted on the side of a house in Station Lane, at the junction of Allendale Street, Seaton Carew, by Durham Spray Paints.

The Steelworks Bridge, taken in May 1982, was a pedestrian footbridge which ran from Coronation Drive, in Seaton Carew, to the Longhill Industrial Estate in West Hartlepool - known locally as Wagga. Wagga was part of town which is, more or less, directly opposite the Belle Vue Social Club. At one time there was a small housing estate there together with shops, pubs and even its own social club - in fact, quite a thriving community.

There was also the story of the "Wagga Sunset" or "Wagga Moon" which was the glow from the slagheap of the steel works visible in the night sky. Then there was a more recent phenomenon of a 'wagga dot'. There seems to be conflicting reports as to exactly what a wagga dot is. Some say if you had a spot on your face, and you came from Wagga, it was a wagga dot or perhaps it was simply a tattooed dot on your cheek, or the backs of your hands.

Another view of the former Steelworks Bridge from the collection of Bill Henderson. There are more images of this bridge, and the Steelworks, in the right hand column.

Welcome to sunny Seaton Carew - with views of the Esplanade, The Green, The Promenade, The Baths and Front Street.

Love to all at home from Seaton Carew - showing The Sands, The Front and The Promenade.

The new bus station at Seaton Carew. The station and clock tower are now Grade II listed and were recently restored to their former glory.

Another colourful card from sunny Seaton Carew. This was sent to us by Bob Ferry who says it was sent to his mother’s mother, by her mother, on 15th August 1918. The war ended on November 11th of that year, so it was still going on at the time this card was sent.

The Esplanade in Seaton Carew looking towards the Staincliffe Hotel. Evidence that this route was used by trolley buses is plain to see.

The Front in Seaton Carew with visitors enjoying the sunshine. I do like the stylish beach huts to the right.

Another view of the seafront in Seaton Carew - although the postcard clearly says The Promenade, West Hartlepool. Thanks to Nicolas Pokrownichki for sending the above card.

The postcard might well say "The Promenade, West Hartlepool" but it is, of course, the front at Seaton Carew with young children enjoying a day out.

Another view of the Promenade at Seaton Carew with children enjoying a day trip to the seaside. Note the trolly bus rolling along to the left with smoke from the factories in the background.

The promenade in Seaton Carew with three young children having a wonderful day out. Note the tram in the centre of the photograph.

Seaton Carew railway station as it used to be on the left - and, in colour, as it is was in September 2013. You can view these images in a larger size by clicking on them.

A picture postcard of South End in Seaton Carew.

The Green at Seaton Carew - and very little has changed over the years.

The pleasure beach in Seaton Carew with its big wheel and dipper. I can't help wondering whether it would still be used today if it was around. The area it stood on is just a huge car park these days. The beach huts have also been lost through time.

Hartlepool United footballers Terry Bell and Cliff Wright chat with pop singer Joe Brown at Stan Laundon's former home in Kildale Grove, Seaton Carew, in 1967. Joe was appearing in cabaret at the Club Fiesta in Stockton and stayed with Stan for a week. Photograph © Harry Harland.

I am wondering whether anyone has information about this photograph which is probably from the late 1950's. The gentleman in the centre of the bottom row is the former Seaton Carew ice cream salesman and businessman Ken Tyzack. The photograph was supplied to us by his daughter Anita Tyzack Roberts who says it might have been at the Queen's Rink - or perhaps it was the skating rink which used to be on the seafront in Seaton Carew? You can see the image in a slightly larger size by clicking in it. It might be nice to have a few names.

These photographs go back in time - to the early 60's we presume - and show The Rainbow Girls who used to regularly attend the Rainbow Coffee Bar in Seaton Carew which was managed by businessman, Ken Tyzack, who also managed the Dove-Cote Ice cream stand as you can see below. The photograph on the left shows, in the back row, Dot Sabey, Christine Bellerby, Ann Lithgo, Barbara Darley, Edith Neesam, Prim Whitehead (Ken Tyzack’s sister-in-law), Janet Collingwood, Marjorie Whitehead (Ken’s wife) and Linda Marton. In the front row we have Jean Langton, Carol Sissons, Betty Spalding, Beryl Smith, Enid Twydale, Ann Forster (now Ann Battison - the person who provided all the names) and Pauline Baker. They are the same girls on the right just in a difference pose! Photographs © Anita Tyzack.

Seaton Carew businessman Ken Tyzack - in a white jacket - with his Canny Kiddies Rocket fairground ride at the pleasure beach in Seaton Carew sometime during the 1950s. Photograph supplied by Anita Roberts Tyzack.

Freda and Ken Tyzack at their Dove-Cote ice cream stand at an exhibition in West Hartlepool Town Hall in the late 1950's. Dove-Cote ice cream was made at the rear of Ken's amusement arcade on the sea front in Seaton Carew. Photograph supplied by Anita Roberts Tyzack.

Another one from the ice cream days of the Tyzack family - this is Freda & Ken with the Mayor & Mayoress of somewhere and an unknown gentleman at the back. Any ideas?

Above left is The Lollie Van and the Dove-Cote diploma ice cream van with owner Ken Tyzack and his dedicated helper, Stan Prestedge, pose with their vehicles and, on the right, a Dove-Cote ice cream sales van at Seaton Carew in the 1950s. I like the telephone number on the side Seaton Carew 389. Photographs copyright © and supplied by Anita Roberts Tyzack.

If I hadn't read Life Boat, Seaton Carew, on the top of the card I would have never believed they had a station there.

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